Saturday, August 12, 2006

We're getting better all the time!

I would like to take this time and let all of my close associates and friends who visit this blog who are not yet White American Bank customers know that our rates have changed again! If you're white, our service for you just keeps getting better!

1st thru 3rd class plans (the basics)

For wonderful 1st class white customers...

[This program is approved only for fully white Americans. There are no exceptions to this.]

* free checking
* customized check books (over 700 templates to choose from or make your own!) and re-orderable checks.
* Open a free savings account with as little as a dollar!
* Savings account interest - 7.899 percent!
* 50% discount of membership and admission of all WAB associated country clubs and functions of White American Bank.
* Loan rates 0% to 4.99 (W.A.C.)

For our 2nd class customers...

[This service is for bi-racial white employees with an Equifax Credit Bureau score exceeding 650.]

* checking account ($8.00 per month)
* customized check books (over 700 templates to choose from or make your own!) and re-orderable checks, starting at $20.
* Open a savings account with as little as fifty dollar!
* Savings account interest - 0.09 percent!
* Loan rates 6.99% to 27.99% (W.A.C.)

For our 3rd class customers...

[This service is for minority employees and all non-American employees. Credit score is not a consideration in this customer class as non-whites tend to have the lowest credit scores. *If you are a negroe, a mexican, a Chinaman, or any other foreigner, you had best find a better bank for you, but if you are considering working as a groundskeeper or maintainence man in one of our banking establishments, you will be considered for this customer class.]

* checking account ($80.00 per month)
* check books (1 template to choose from) and re-orderable checks, starting at $190.00
* Open a savings account with as little as $500 dollar.
* Savings account interest - 0.01 percent.
* Loan rates 617% to 643% (W.A.C.) (Minimum investment downpayment must equal 25% of the total loan.)

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Thanks Mr. Vanderhaden!

I'd just like to say what a kind friend and benefactor Newport has been through this whole sordid adventure.

Had this correctional center been built on the alternative site, the whole view from the from the green on the twelfth hole would have been ruined.

I'm not quite sure why Mr. Lovelady kicked up such a fuss. He's 54 years old, a child molester wants nothing to do with his fat, wrinkly ass. Besides that, he's got nothing that any criminal would want to steal. I mean have you seen his house? There's retards and there's thieves in that correctional facility, but as far as I know there's no retarded thieves. Mr. Lovelady's got nothing to worry about.

That entire neighbourhood should be glad they've got a new building to look at; God knows nobody else wants to build there. The only reason the police are slow to respond in that area is because they're scared of running over the crack whores walking down the middle of the road.

This always seems to be the type of response you get when you try to improve the poorer neighbourhoods; they're not grateful for anything you do. Considering their parenting skills, an escaped pedophile would seem like Jesus to those kids.

Mr. Vanderhaden; I salute your backbone and determination in getting things right. See you on the front nine!


Friday, July 28, 2006

The Callaghan Junior High Uproar ; why we put dangerous, violent sex offenders near the school.

People have been taken aback recently by White American Bank's decision to firmly support and fund the building of a correctional facility for extreme sexual deviants, like hard core rapists, pedophiles, child molesters, and to a lesser extent, the not so uncommon internet child pornographers who tend to be repeat offenders.

The correctional facility will be placed a block and a half from Callaghan Middle School, and roughly 4 blocks from Resting Clovers Retirement Home, putting it just a hop, skip, and a jump away from a small residential neighborhood directly behind that. Two Callaghan County Representatives, and the entire management staff of White American Bank created the proposal and pushed it from the get-go. The contracting company in charge of the correctional facility's erection said the project should be all wrapped up and completed just shy of November 2006.

But this move was not easily accepted. The entire town went into an immediate uproar. Several irrate citizens had to be asked to leave the community meeting by local security officers when a small-scale riot almost broke out.

Greg Lovelady, a fifty four year resident of Callaghan County, said "It is an outrage to think that any of our city representatives could propose subjecting our children to dangerous and violent sex offenders who might escape! That is a crime!"

Well, maybe to you Mr. Lovelady, but there is NO law on the books in Callaghan that forbids such a thing. In fact, there are very few building restrictions as it stands, and it doesn't look like their will be anymore additions anytime soon. So, no, Mr. Lovelady, we are well within our rights to build it there!

Why will this facility, to be used to house the most notorious and formidable sex offenders around, be built there? Because the land was prime and "dirt" cheap (pardon the pun). The terrain was just right and required very little preparatory work before the foundation was laid, saving White American Bank tens of millions in construction costs. I myself was involved in the budget decisions and preparations for this project, and I am now authorized to release that over 129.2 million of White American Bank's well-invested dollars were saved by putting the facility in this location, as opposed to 28 blocks away on patches of vacant land that would require tremendous amounts of work to make it usable, and demand a much longer project completion date. Not to mention, we would have had almost no profit margin left over had we agreed to appease the whining and economically challenged citizens of Callaghan and put the correctional institution a full 28 blocks away from the main highway on some nameless and obscure fifteen hundred acre property on the outskirts of the city!

Since we have now cut back on our budget by almost a 130 million bucks, we have turned a super profit, and I, along with the other investors on this management committee, will each pocket about two million of that huge savings. Jesus has truly made this an excellent business venture for us!

But let it be stated that we do recognize that the 3,000 inmates to be kept in this facility will be of the most dangerous and violent sort. More than half of them have demonstrated themselves to be about as dangerous as Wayne Hobbs, a depraved maniac of a man, who raped, tortured, and murdered 127 young children before he was finally caught and executed in August of 2001. The remaining less than half of inmates will be of the usual breed of homosexual pedophile, the ones that occupy most sex crime incarceration facilities. And rest assured, we have not taken the safety of the citizens of Callaghan lightly. Our committee overseeing these concerns has taken the time to point out that we made plenty of room in our budget to allow this facility to have an 8 foot tall electric fence built around the outer perimeter to prevent any potential breakouts. But beyond that, the cheif contractor of the soon-to-be operational Callaghan Correctional Facility has personally assured me that the place will be "very secure", "well made to contain violent sex offenders of the worst kind," and "none should get out." He even showed me how, should someone attempt to saw through the steel barred windows, a certain rod turns inside of each bar, which prevents it from being cut by any sharp object.

I would also like to point out that should, by some miracle, a dangerous, violent sex offender escape from the Callaghan facility and head toward the school to sodomize children, the police are only ten blocks away. Surely they can get there in time to stop them from doing harm to the youngsters, or the residents of the nearby retirement community, or anyone from the small residential neighborhood in that locale. Of that, I am confident. There is nothing to worry about.

Newport Vanderhaden.

We're Back!

A note to those Godless, anti-American reprobates who hacked us; we're are not going away! We are staying right here, promoting our high class values and the standards of the mainstream American majority! You destroyed our old site and lost our past articles, but we're back again! You won't stop us!

We all know it was minorities who did this to us, probably some filthy Iranian terrorist, or muffler shop-employed Mexican, who hated us! Or maybe some negroe computer designer (if there are any) did it. Some in the media say that blacks can learn computer skills, but that may be a liberal myth.

Well, that doesn't really matter. What matters is we are keeping on going! We are here to fight the good fight on the side of White American virtues verses the minority low class scum that is bringing down America. We are not ashamed to stand up for what is right!

Newport Vanderhaden.